Saturday, 2 July, 2022

Markets fall as virus spreads around the world

Markets fall as virus spreads around the world

Stock markets fall in Asia on Friday, after losses in the US and Europe on Thursday.

First case reported in sub-Saharan Africa - in Lagos state, Nigeria, reports BBC.

New Zealand confirmed its first case - someone recently returned from Iran.

Belarus, the Netherlands, and Lithuania also confirmed first cases.

South Korea confirmed 256 new cases, bringing the total above 2,000.

Local sect leader in South Korea to be charged for failing to submit names of members to authorities.

China confirmed another 327 cases - the lowest daily increase for a month - and 44 deaths, mainly in Hubei

K-pop megastars BTS cancel four concerts in Seoul in April

The WHO is granted sanctions exemptions to send medical equipment into North Korea.

Two Disney theme parks in Japan close for two weeks.