Unique Book Fair Program for Underprivileged Children

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26th February, 2020 07:15:40 printer

Unique Book Fair Program for Underprivileged Children

The Ekushey Book Fair is teeming with people like always. The crowd increases as the sun comes down. Avid readers, in search of new books of their favorite writers, frequent stalls of renowned publications. School going children nag their parents for buying their preferred books and go home with a full bag of books.

But do all children get the chance to read their desired books? According to Unicef, the number of underprivileged children in Bangladesh is over 1 million. In Dhaka alone the number is more than 400,000. These little ones do not get the chance to read books even if they want to. To hand over books to countless such disadvantaged kids, bKash and Obhizatrik Foundation have taken a unique initiative this time. bKash will give 5000 new books to these children. Not only that, there are 4 donation booths of bKash in the book fair premises for collecting books from visitors. You can also drop by the bKash Book Donation Booths and donate both old and new books. Obhizatrik Foundation will deliver your donated books to thousands of underprivileged children in all the corners of the country. 

Many have come forward in response to this appeal by bKash and are going to the book fair with their old books lying at home. Some are buying new books from the fair and donating those. Meanwhile, bKash has gone live from their Facebook page and handed out books to some students of schools run by Obhizatrik Foundation.

University student Fariha has recently donated books at the booth at book fair. As stated by her, “The joy we got from reading a story book as a kid cannot be expressed in words. Whenever we had a new book, we felt a different kind of excitement, as if we became characters of the book. Be it a detective book or a fairy tale- I felt like I was a part of the story. I want to spread the joy with those who can't get to enjoy it as such.” 

Prominent social media activist Arif R Hossain has already posted a status expressing solidarity with this sensational donation initiative. Apart from that, a phenomenon has been observed in social media. Myriads of people have uploaded pictures of themselves donating books with #DonateBooks and inspired their friends by tagging them in the posts.

If anyone is unable to go to the book fair to donate, they can send books to Obhizatrik Foundation: Obhizatrik Foundation, Road- 2D, House- 5, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka - 1216. Mobile: 01701666312

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