Five tips to buy smartphone in 2020

Harun ar Rashid Rajib

25th February, 2020 05:08:00 printer

Five tips to buy smartphone in 2020

Smartphone has now become an essential for almost everyone in the advancement of technology especially in 2020. Along with the communication, smartphone is also popular for browsing Internet, Facebook, making video calls, watching YouTube, emailing, playing games and many more. And as the demand for smartphones has increased, smartphone maker companies are also constantly pushing the technologies to keep up with market. So let's know about the 5 tips for buying a mobile phone in 2020.

1. Operating System: Android OS is currently the most popular operating system but every Android phone does not always come with latest version so make sure how may versions your smartphone will receive updates in future. If you are a fan of iPhone then iOS is only the option to choose and Apple provides the latest updates for all devices.

2. Processor: The processor can be compared to the life of a mobile phone. Processor speed is not only the main factor but the processor model and generation are one of the important thing to consider because it provides the quality processing comparing with the speed.

3. RAM / Storage: As the technology advances, the high quality graphics and 4K videos are getting standards so make sure your phone has at least 3GB RAM. But 4GB and more will be doing extremely well. Recent flagship smartphones are not coming with external storage slot for dual SIM version so get the highest internal storage if budget is not the constraints. This will give you greater flexibility for running bigger mobile applications and games.  

4. Camera: The quality of camera has played a major role in getting the popularity of mobile phones today. So make sure you have a good camera before you buy the phone. Remember megapixel is not main factor to consider but the lens quality. Most of the time our captured image don’t get enlarged and without our knowledge it takes plenty of storage so buying the right quality lens camera phone is very important rather than huge megapixel.

 5. Budget: Before buying a mobile phone, everyone should estimate the budget first and also a key factor. The specifications vary a lot according to price so compare the price and specification from online and you can do it easily for example one of the popular price comparison website bdstall,com you can get the latest mobile price in Bangladesh.

Last but not the least, your smartphone is your personal assistant nowadays and most of the time people has to rely on it. From the above tips, you will have a good idea about how to buy your perfect smartphone in 2020.