Coronavirus outbreak: Wuhan returnee Bangladeshi student thanks Chinese govt


22nd February, 2020 02:09:24 printer

Coronavirus outbreak: Wuhan returnee Bangladeshi student thanks Chinese govt

A Bangladeshi student, who recently returned from coronavirus-hit Wuhan city in China, has praised and thanked the Chinese government for taking care of them amid the outbreak.

In a long Facebook post, Samiul Utsho Sami said there are a lot of baseless rumors which are creating anxiety and fear among the people.

“It’s very sad seeing those rumors and it’s time to spread awareness not rumors,” he wrote.

Death toll from a viral outbreak that began in China rose to 2,360 and it has infected more than 77,000 people globally, reports AP.

Sami wrote that he was working as a volunteer in railway station of Wuhan when the viral outbreak began.

“From the time of this situation started, the Government of China took every necessary step to control this epidemic,” he said, adding that he did not feel threatened or insecure even for a moment.












Sami said they had to follow safety measures and stay at dormitories while their university authorities delivered free meals and necessary items to their rooms.

“Even in this unwanted situation, Alhamdulillah I was totally fine in Wuhan and very thankful to them because of their care,” he wrote, hoping that the situation will be brought under control soon.

He expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her support towards China in this situation.

Earlier this month, Bangladesh brought back 312 of its nationals from Wuhan. The government said none of them were infected.

China has provided 500 sets of the ‘most advanced kits’ to Bangladesh to identify coronavirus as a gesture of goodwill and strong faith that Bangladesh has in China in winning the battle against COVID-19.

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming recently said that since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Bangladesh’s support has been extraordinary.

He urged everyone to remain alert instead of creating panic and spreading rumours, noting that no Chinese national here and no Bangladesh national in China is infected with coronavirus.