People with stressful jobs should never skip breakfast

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20th February, 2020 08:20:39 printer

People with stressful jobs should never skip breakfast

Some of us often make the mistake of skipping breakfast when we are running short of time and have to rush to work.

And that’s something experts strongly advise against because of the numerous health benefits of breakfast.

Health benefits of breakfast

Having a nutritous breakfast not just boosts life span but also has other benefits.

These are:

• Prevents headaches and acidity during the day

• Optimises micro-nutrient delivery and assimilation, especially important for people with low vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron

• Ensures that your cortisol levels stay in a balanced state (reduces stress)

• Prevents bingeing and overeating later in the day

• Reduces the need to consume stimulants like tea, coffee, cigarettes and chocolates

• Allows for growth of diverse gut bacteria

But you cannot cook an elaborate breakfast every morning if you have an early appointment or meeting, for instance. According to Diwekar, we must avoid falling back on quick breakfast options like packaged cereals, oats, smoothies and juices, reports The Indian Express.

People who have to leave early or eat lunch early — at about 11 am — can have nuts and fruits like banana.