Food habit key reason behind cancer: Expert


19th February, 2020 08:06:14 printer

Food habit key reason behind cancer: Expert

Renowned scientist and Fellow of Royal Society Sir Walter Bodmer on Wednesday said unhealthy food habit is one of the key reasons behind cancer diseases followed by genetic marital relationship.

“The main reason of cancer disease is food habit, especially taking massive junk food frequently. The second cause is genetic marital relationship (blood related relationship),” he told the ‘Cancer Genetics and Precision Medicine’ seminar.

He delivered the keynote Paper at the programme arranged by Department of Pharmacy in collaboration with the Department of Public Health of Daffodil International University (DIU) at 71 Milonyaton of DIU Sobhanbag campus.

Sir Bodmer urged everyone to give up traditional food habit and settle for a healthier diet.

He highlighted that the nature of cancer disease is unique because of the genetic changes it causes in living cells.

“Cancer is almost unique (disease) for the fact that it involves genetic changes in the somatic cells. When you get these genetic changes that leads to cancer,” he said, stressing extensive research to find better treatment for cancer patients.

“A fundamental understanding of cancer will only come through study of what are the genetic changes and what are there consequences and how we use that information in the context of treatment,” Sir Walter said.

DIU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Yousuf M Islam presided over the ceremony. Pro–VC Prof Dr S M Mahabub–Ul-Haque Majumder, and acting head of Pharmacy Department Prof Dr Muniruddinn Ahmed also spoke at the seminar.

Sir Walter is a paramount figure in the international cancer and genome research field. He has done many pioneering works and been involved with groundbreaking initiatives including human genome project.

He is head of the Cancer and Immunogenetics Lab at University of Oxford and also the Founding Head of Department of Genetics at University of Oxford.