US embassy helps BGB in border security


18th February, 2020 05:59:49 printer

US embassy helps BGB in border security

The US embassy in Dhaka held a ‘veterinary subject matter expert exchange seminar’ with the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) recently in Chittagong, focusing on preventive medicine and trauma care for BGB working dogs and their handlers.

Beginning on January 26 this year, the two-week seminar brought together 29 dog handlers, 14 working dogs, and one veterinarian officer from nine BGB Chittagong outstations to share their knowledge and personal experiences in working with their canine partners, said a press release of the US Embassy in Dhaka on Tuesday.

Ensuring the health and proper care of the working dogs at outstations along Bangladesh’s border is critical to supporting and developing the capacity of the BGB to secure Bangladesh’s border, safeguard the Bangladeshi people, counter violent extremism, and prevent drug trafficking.

Participants reviewed veterinary care case studies and took part in a series of lectures focused on canine healthcare. They also exchanged best practices on preventive medicine and discussed the risk of communicable diseases and parasites in dogs pose to human.

Every handler was also tested on his or her ability to treat common and trauma injuries, including how to properly apply tourniquets and bandages, treat for heat injuries, apply splints, and administer fluids to their working dogs.

The two-week veterinary expert exchange seminar is one of the many initiatives of the US government to promote greater collaboration and mutual understanding between Bangladesh and the United States, according to the release.

The United States is committed to its security relationship with Bangladesh, which helps ensure Bangladesh’s security as well as a free and open Indo-Pacific region, the release says.