Pope convenes bishops' synod in 2022


15th February, 2020 08:15:51 printer

Pope convenes bishops' synod in 2022

Pope Francis has called a synod of bishops for 2022, the Vatican said Saturday, without giving details about the agenda.

"The Holy Father ... has decided to convene this assembly for autumn 2022 in order to ensure a wider implication of the whole Church in preparation" of the event, the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops said.

Church engagement with young people was the overarching theme for an ordinary synod in 2018 prior to a special synod last year of bishops in the Amazon region.

The Vatican also on Saturday issued a message of support, for NGOs and governments coming to the aid of migrants.

"Many people are obliged to move from one country to another because of war, economic inequality, seeking work or more fertile land, religious persecutions, terrorism or environmental crisis," the message read, urging vigilance against people trafficking.

"People are disorientated, families destroyed, ... women and children are forced into prostitution," the message added, saying the Church "identifies with the poor, the little ones, the outsider. It appreciates governments and NGOS ... who commit to helping those who have to move" from their homeland.