Do you know which type of face wash works best for your skin type?

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13th February, 2020 11:09:33 printer

Do you know which type of face wash works best for your skin type?


A few strokes lathered up with your face wash, thoroughly rubbing your face and the area around your nose diligently to ward off any dirt and gunk. Voila! Your face wash routine is on point, reports The Indian Express.

But are you using the right kind of face wash for your skin type?

Your face wash routine is never as easy as it sounds. Every skin type is different and every skin has varied needs. Ahead, we list out the kind of face washes needed for every skin type to help you get the bespoke skin regime you are looking for.

What is a face wash?

A face wash put simply is designed for your face. With its foaming action, its main task is to clear the deep-seated dirt and debris and clean pores thoroughly. Thus, it becomes really important to select the right face wash for your face to get the most out of the product and set your routine right. Ensure, that you go for sulphate-free and paraben-free face washes no matter what your skin type is.

Dry skin

For those with dry skin, go for cleansers which post washing leaves a thin layer of moisture. Go for cream-based face washes that help in removing most of your makeup. However, if you use waterproof makeup products, other than the cream-based cleansers, you will also need a separate make-up remover. Avoid face washes which consist of salicylic or glycolic acid since they have the tendency to dry out your skin.

Oily skin

Those with oily skin tend to frequently wash their face to combat oil especially in T-zone (forehead and the bridge of your nose). Opt for cleansers with salicylic acid, aloe vera and tea tree oil. You can also opt for gel-based cleansers which are lightweight and equally hydrating. Skip products with alcohol are also preferred since it dries out your skin, in turn, making the skin produce more oil. You can also go for a salicylic acid-based facewash as it controls the production of oil and unclogs the pores.

Combination skin

You have combination skin if you have both dry and oily patches. In such a case, opt for fragrance-free cleansers which are super-gentle on your skin. Spot test your cleansers and face washes on your elbow to see if it is too drying or irritating. Go for water- and surfactant-based makeup removers like micellar water to remove dirt and makeup.