On the way to Jaflong

Farhana Yasmin

8th February, 2020 06:54:10 printer

On the way to Jaflong

Everyone was saying the water was dry this winter. Jaflong is not the same as before. Jaflong was a part of my childhood. Still have to go. The memory of childhood is chasing after me like everyone. My father had a friend of the tea garden manager. While in Sylhet, I had visited this place many times. My younger two brothers stayed with me. Today, two of my team-mates have gone over that mountain. I remember them till now. It seems that the eyes began to trickle in the water.

It took noon to reach Jaflong.

As I got out of the car, a few kids surrounded me with some stones in hand. Seeing the stones in their hands, I remember when I came to Jafflong with my younger brothers. On my way home, I returned with some beautiful white stones. With that stone, I went into the darkness of the night and lit a fire. What a joy! That was unlimited. Today I see Jaflong standing there with thousands of my brother's signature.

Now meet that stone - there was some shame in their eyes. If they had some help in exchange.

I asked, "What is your name?"

- My name is Queen.

- Are you the queen of the mountains? The queen did not say with a smile ashamed of her shame.

- What is the name of your brothers?

- Kamrul and Jamrul.

-Have you eaten rice in the morning?

- Yes ! Cold rice with potatoes.

- Now you have no lunch?

- No. No money in hand. Our mother has gone to broke stone . She will back in the evening with some money. When we get the money, we will buy some rice. Lots of tears filled their eyes. But small faces can't tell if they need some help. They said they were fasting whole day.

The roughness of the environment has not yet made them rough. It felt so good. I gave some money to exchange three stones. Is she happy? I have never seen such smiles of contentment for so little money. With the money in hand, the Queen ran away with the younger brothers.

We were down the stairs. Go down the hill. After coming down I met the queen again. Green ice cream in hand. Seeing me, she take out her teeth and smile again. Two eyes full of gratitude looked at me. I asked where to go queen?

- To the mom. Buying ice cream for mom. Mother will be served ice cream. The queen of the mountain smiles at the face like a fountain running over ice cream.

Laughter of that satisfaction. The queen of the mountains runs away.

(The writer is the wife of Faruque Ahmed, DG of Military Lands and Cantonment Directorate)