Get jazzed up with ‘Viber Cupid’

Press Release

7th February, 2020 12:55:01 printer

Get jazzed up with ‘Viber Cupid’

In this season of love, Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging app, is launching ‘Viber Cupid’, a chatbot that will make its users feel special and get into the mood for love, no matter their relationship status.

Whether the users are single, taken or in a complicated relationship, Viber has come up with an idea to make everyone cheery and have fun using the chatbot. Viber Cupid starts by asking one very simple question: ‘What’s your relationship status?’ Answering this simple question will unlock a ton of fun app activities.

If a user chooses the answer ‘Single’, then the person will be given a short love quiz to find out their perfect celebrity match. This quick and entertaining quiz will describe the user’s dream lover in an emoji and will also select a pick-up line that will give anyone a good laugh.

If the user is ‘Taken’, then Viber will let them create and send a customized Valentine’s Day card. Users will also receive a love card which definitely will make them feel adored.

Apart from Viber Cupid, Viber also has new features that will allow users to make their messages sweeter. The app will offer heart-shaped instant video messaging and floating hearts that would appear whenever users express their devotion to their significant other via chat.

Viber will launch the chatbot on February 10, 2020 to make their users feel more treasured while sharing their feelings with their loved ones on a secured platform.