Country’s Second satellite to be launched into space in 2023: Mustafa Jabbar

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6th February, 2020 07:01:28 printer

Country’s Second satellite to be launched into space in 2023: Mustafa Jabbar

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar on Thursday said the government is planning to launch the second satellite of the country into space in 2023.

The minister came up with the information while replying to a supplementary question from treasury bench lawmaker Anwar Hossain Khan of Laxmipur-1 constituency.

Mustafa Jabbar said “Launching Bangabandhu-1 satellite-- the first communication satellite of the country-- is one of the highest achievements of the present government. Bangladesh has entered the elite Space Club of 57 nations with the launch of its first satellite. The declaration of launching of the second satellite has been adopted in the AL's election manifesto.”

To this end, he said the government has already began to give appoint process to the international consultant and start discussion with the stakeholders for determining the nature of the second satellite and what kind of services would be provided by this newly innovated satellite.

On May 11, 2018, Bangabandhu Satellite-1, the first geostationary communications satellite of Bangladesh, was launched from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA. Thales Alenia Space, a French company, designed and built the satellite, which already underwent several test runs.

Falcon-9, a brand new rocket, will carry the satellite into the orbit. For Bangladesh, this has potentials to bring a new chapter in terms of technological advancement. The satellite will bring uninterrupted telecommunication system in Bangladesh.

After launching the satellite, Bangladesh is now a member of an elite club comprising of only 57 states that own at least a satellite.