Know about different types of lipstick formulation

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6th February, 2020 01:01:11 printer

Know about different types of lipstick formulation


Every girl out there has a favourite lip shade, whether it is a nude colour or the glamorously high red. The texture and the formulation are important too.

Here are some lists of lipstick formulation that should consider before buying the perfect one for yourself.

Sheer lipstick

This is enriched with moisturising oils like jojoba, and do not dry on the lips. Great for those with chapped lips.

Creamy lipsticks

This variety, which is a mixture of matte lipsticks and lip glosses, is great for those who want colour without making it look made up. They are long-wearing as compared to their sheer counterpart. They are enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, thus providing you with nourishment all day long.

Matte lipsticks

Matte lip shades are perfect for those who wear makeup for long hours

Lip stain/ tint

Stain lipsticks is best for days when you are super busy. In fact, it is a double-duty product that can be used as a blush too. Also, if you are a fan of the no-makeup look, lip stains work best because they are not highly pigmented and keep dry lips at bay.

Glossy lipsticks

As the name suggests, they give you that shiny pout. They are super creamy in texture and work great if you want to give the illusion of fuller lips. They are deeply moisturising.