Satkhira Medical College intern doctors call indefinite strike


6th February, 2020 12:50:46 printer

Satkhira Medical College intern doctors call indefinite strike

The intern doctors of Satkhira Medical College Hospital have called an indefinite strike demanding a full-fledged hospital including emergency department on Wednesday morning.

They formed a human chain in front of the hospital on Bhomra road and started their strike in the morning.  

Intern doctors said the medical college hospital is yet to start its emergency department since launching in 2011.  They fear it will affect their education and future career.

Various medical instruments costing millions have remained useless at the hospital.

It means they are being deprived of opportunities to gain experience. At the same time the district people aren’t getting treatment, they added.

Intern doctors Dr Humayun Kabir, Dr Aminul Islam, Dr Kabirul Alam, Dr Rabiul Islam and Dr Faria Tumpa spoke on the occasion.

Dr Azizur Rahman, president of the Satkhira chapter of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA), expressed their solidarity with the intern doctors.