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Unbridled motorbike registration goes on

Over 270 bikes hit city streets daily

  • Ahamed Ullah
  • 4th February, 2020 09:43:20 AM
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Every day a large number of new motorcycles hit the city streets that create chaos on the roads and worsen the traffic management in the capital.   

The government has taken various initiatives to reduce traffic congestion and accidents while BRTA has registered 99,256 new motorbikes last year.

There have been allegations that motorcycles are now breaching the discipline on the road. For motorcycles, no initiatives, taken to bring back discipline on the road, work.

Experts said due to the numerous motorcycle registrations the traffic congestion and accidents in the capital are increasing day by day. The city street is not being able to accommodate the pressure of this huge number of vehicles.

They said two-wheelers like motorcycles are not suitable at all in the accident-prone city like Dhaka. They urged the BRTA to take effective initiatives.

According to BRTA statistics, the number of motorcycles was 759257 till 2010. Now it has increased to 2853419 till 2019.

There are more than 2853419 registered motorists across the country. Of this, about 715897 lakh motorcycles are operating in Dhaka alone.

According to BRTA statistics last year, about 272 new motorcycles hit the already jam-packed streets in the capital every day.

According to a report of Nirapad Sarak Chai (Nischa - We demand safe road), which works to prevent road accidents, uncontrollable vehicle registration is one of the major reasons for the increase in the number of road accidents.

According to their statistics, a total 1098 motorcycle accidents have taken place in the country last year. Some 648 motorcyclists were killed in the accident. The highest number of road accidents occurred in Dhaka.

A large part of motorists are teenagers. Accidents are increasing due to their reckless movement.

Nischa claims that these unskilled and unlicensed drivers are operating motorbikes illegally under the nose of the administration without license.

Ilias Kanchan, founder and chairman of Nischa, said the use of helmets during motorcycle driving was developed in Dhaka and other metropolitan cities. But in districts and villages, the trend is virtually absent.

He said there were strict restrictions on the driving of motorbikes by the underage drivers. However, unlicensed motorcyclists are riding motorcycles randomly.

Prof Dr M Shamsul Haque, former director of the Accident Research Center (ARI) of Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET), said the motorcycle is a risky vehicle. Compared with four wheelers, it is 30 times riskier.

Mozammel Haque Chowdhury, Secretary General of Bangladesh Passengers Welfare Association (BPWA), said: “Motorcyclists are reckless drivers who are increasing the risks of accidents on Dhaka’s streets. They do not obey the traffic signal or law, and at times, ignore their own safety.”

The increasing number of motorcycles is also putting pressure on the roads, he added.

BRTA officials claimed that they are taking strict action against motorcycles. Due to their mobile court activities, none is currently using a motorcycle without a helmet and motorcyclists are obeying laws.

The scenario is different at most points, the riders are running through the gaps, disregarding the traffic signals. Still many motorcyclists continue plying their motorbikes on the footpath.

Sources said the number of motorcycles began to increase after various companies started motorcycle-based ride-sharing services in Dhaka. Currently, Uber, Pathao, Obhai, Sohoz and many other companies are offering ride share on motorcycles in Dhaka.

Though these ride-sharing services have provided some relief to the public transport crisis in the city, the number of road accidents in Dhaka has also increased.

Running on wrong lanes and plying on footpaths with two or more than two co-riders are almost an everyday phenomenon.