Teenager reduced 87 kg weight

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29th January, 2020 07:54:26 printer

Teenager reduced 87 kg weight

Dramatic before and after images have revealed how a boy once known as the world's fattest child has lost an astonishing 87 kg in four year. 

The pictures of Arya Permana were posted online by Ade Rai, a bodybuilder and personal trainer to the now-14-year-old, who hails from Indonesia. 

Ade also posted video of Arya from the time when he first met the boy - in 2016 when he weighed 30 stone aged just 10 - and now, when he weighs 13 stone.

Footage initially shows Arya struggling to perform simple tasks such as standing up and sitting down, and hitting a punching bag.

Now, he is able to lift weights alongside Ade as the pair do their weekly workouts.

He also looks unrecognisable from the child he was four years ago.

While exercise has formed party of Ayra's weight loss, the teenager has also undergone bariatric surgery to reduce the size of his stomach and curb his appetite.

The surgery produced a dramatic loss in weight, bringing him down from over 150kgs to 87kgs.

Exercise and a healthier diet then reduced his weight further to 83kgs, while he is hoping to lose more in the future.

Surgeons who have been monitoring Ayra's case say he will need to undergo operations to remove excess skin from his arms, chest and stomach which will reduce his weight further.

Ayra was born a normal weight at 8lbs, and maintained it throughout most of his childhood, according to his parents.

But the situation began to spiral out of control in 2014, when he turned eight, and his appetite suddenly increased.

In just two years he gained an incredible 11 stone in weight, leaving him 'the world's fattest child' at 30 stone.

After his case caught international attention, Indonesian officials stepped in to help. 

Aria's father Ade Somantri said that medical treatment, diet and a strict exercise routine helped his son lose so much weight.

He said: 'Aria managed to lose weight through bariatric surgery, diet and regular exercise. For me, they are all good and supportive of each other.'