Major changes in education curriculum on the cards

Md Solamain Salman

28th January, 2020 10:06:07 printer

Major changes in education curriculum on the cards

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The government has taken an initiative to bring major changes in the national curriculum with a view to ensuring quality education for the country's new generation.

A committee comprising educationists, stakeholders and officials of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board are working to develop the curriculum of the pre-primary to higher secondary level, NCTB officials said.

They also said the initiative to develop education standards has been taken to face challenges of a fourth industrial revolution and produce skilled manpower in the country.

Earlier, the government changed the curriculum in 2012 from the primary to higher secondary level in the country.

According to the government plan, the students will select their science, humanities or business studies groups at class XI instead of class IX while the students will read 10 same subjects in each class from VI to X.

After implementation of the new curriculum, the number of books will reduce and the changes will also come in the existing syllabus to reduce pressure on the students.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams will be hold based on the only class X syllabus though now the exams are held based on the syllabus of class IX and X.

Besides, two public exams will be held at class XI and XII and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) results will be published based on the results of the two public exams as per the new system

Talking to the daily sun, Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni said, “The ministry has taken different time-befitting initiatives, including changing the curriculum, assessments methods, and teachers training system to develop quality of education.”

“Quality education is the goal to make our learners good and skilled human being and develop them as world citizens,” she said.

Dipu Moni said the budget allocation for education is increasing every year and the government is working to develop standards of the syllabus and curriculum.

“Education is a must for the development of any nation. The government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is working to create skilled manpower for facing the challenges of a fourth industrial revolution.”

According to the changing curriculum, the students of class I, II and class VI will get new textbooks of changed curriculum in next year while the students of other classes will also get new textbooks gradually.

NCTB officials said the changed curriculum will be finalised by March and the new curriculum will be implemented at the pre-primary-to-higher secondary level by 2025.

As per the revised curriculum, students will read 10 same subjects — Bangla, English, Math, Science, ICT, Social Science, Life and livelihood, religion, health education and Art and Culture — from class VI to X and will get scope to select a group at class XI.

At present, students are reading same subjects up to class VIII and then they are divided in science, humanities and business studies groups at class IX. The students also read 12-14 subjects at each class.

As per the existing system, SSC exams are holding based on the two years syllabus of class IX and X, but the initiative was taken to hold SSC exams only based on class X syllabus and it will be implemented from 2024 after its final approval from the government.

After the approval of the changed curriculum, two public exams will be introduced from the year of 2025 in class XI and XII and the HSC final results will be published based on the results of the two exams.

Meanwhile, the government has taken initiative to cancel traditional exams up to class III at primary level to reduce their pressure and the revised curriculum is being formulated considering the matter.

NCTB officials further said they are changing the curriculum for the students of primary level considering that the students can achieve their skills through active learning.

When asked, curriculum expert Professor Siddiqur Rahman said, “The initiative to fix same subjects for the students at each class up to class X and giving scope to choose group at class XI is a good plan.”

“The base of education will be more strengthen when the country will be developed and the knowledge about all subjects will be provided for the students up to class X.”

The educationist also stressed the need for ensuring quality education for the achievements of overall development in the country.