Iran executes 'Crocodile of the Gulf' drug kingpin

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26th January, 2020 02:05:53 printer

Iran executes 'Crocodile of the Gulf' drug kingpin


Iran executed a drug kingpin nicknamed the "Crocodile of the Persian Gulf" and dismantled his smuggling ring, state media report, reports BBC.

The "crocodile" was arrested in the middle of transferring more than 100 tonnes of drugs in international waters, officials said.

The 36-year-old and an accomplice were killed following a years-long intelligence operation.

Other members of the gang received prisons sentences of up to five years, or heavy fines, he said.

The gang laundered money and used the proceeds of the drug trade to purchase real estate - some of which has now been seized by the government.

As for the true identity of "the crocodile", authorities declined to name him, giving only the initials "AZ" for the ringleader, and "MH" for his executed accomplice.