Torrential rains, floods kill 31 in Madagascar

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26th January, 2020 10:30:18 printer

Torrential rains, floods kill 31 in Madagascar


At least 31 people died in Madagascar after a week of heavy rains in the country's northwest, officials said on Saturday, reports Aljazeera.

At least 15 people remained missing on the popular tourist island, according to the country's national disaster management office, as flooding intensified in the districts of Mitsinjo and Maevatanana.

The tropical Indian Ocean nation is in the midst of an intense six-month rainy season that often results in casualties and widespread damage.

Strips of road were swept away by the rains and access to affected areas has been cut off.

Torrential rains also made important roads impassable, while a dam near the town of Tanambe had burst, flooding surrounding villages and farmland.