Shakrain Uchchhwashe Bajaj-er Shathe

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24th January, 2020 06:30:01 printer

Shakrain Uchchhwashe Bajaj-er Shathe

Shakrain Festival is one of the most colorful and vibrant urban phenomena in the capital city of Bangladesh. Also known as ‘Kite Festival’ and ‘Ghuri Utshab’, it is a symbol of unity and friendship here. It takes place on the last day of the Bangla month of Poush. And the day is known as Poush Shangkranti.

This year Bajaj happily joined the festivities ‘Shakrain Uchchhwashe Bajaj-er shathe’. To make Shakrain even more festive and participatory, Bajaj gifted 10 thousand kites to participating enthusiasts at several places of Old Dhaka.

Shakrain is celebrated mostly around the southern part of Dhaka city. Colorful kites are flown high from the rooftops around the area in the afternoon. It takes the form of enormously exciting kite fights. All the participants try to snatch away each other’s kites or cut the other kites down.

Then at the night time, fireworks light up the sky of old Dhaka. Flame eaters gather on the roofs and play with their skills to entertain people. Music keeps the whole community awake, and people keep dancing with their hearts out.