UN Special Rapporteur on HR in Myanmar Lee wants international ad-hoc tribunal


23rd January, 2020 02:53:13 printer

UN Special Rapporteur on HR in Myanmar Lee wants international ad-hoc tribunal

The Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar Yanghee Lee on Thursday suggested forming an international ad-hoc tribunal, which she thinks, will work as complementary to ongoing efforts on accountability and justice front.

She said there have some significant achievements over the last two years on justice and accountability front saying, "more needs to be done."

Prof Lee was addressing a press conference at a city hotel on her final mission.

Responding to a question on the order that will come from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) this afternoon, she said this is going to be a historic day but did not want speculate on the outcome.       

Despite her last request to visit Myanmar being denied by the government, Lee visited Thailand and Bangladesh to speak to interlocutors and receive information about the situation in Myanmar from both sides of the border.

Prof Lee said she found a "deep desire" among Rohingyas about their return to their place of origin in Rakhine State.

She expressed frustration over the repeated denial by the Myanmar authorities. "I am disappointed. I must speak the truth."      

“Myanmar’s denial of access has not dissuaded me from doing everything I can to impartially report to the international community accurate firsthand information that has been provided to me during my visits to the region,” Lee said earlier.

She said her mission and the end of her tenure come at a critical time for human rights in Myanmar and she will continue to strive to ‘do her utmost’ to improve the situation.

Lee has held the mandate of Special Rapporteur since 2014 and enjoyed biannual visits to the country until she was denied entry from December 2017, according to a message received from Geneva.

Prof Lee will report to the Human Rights Council session in March 2020.