Man to die for killing wife in khagrachari

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22nd January, 2020 04:28:33 printer

Man to die for killing wife in khagrachari

A khagrachari court on Wednesday sentenced a man to death for killing his wife in 2009.

The convicted person is identified as Shah Alam, 56.

Judge Reza Md Alamgir of khagrachari Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal also find Shah Alam Tk 50,000.

According to the prosecution, victim Kohinur Begum, from Dhighinala Rashiknagar area in Khagrachari suffered serious burn injuries as her husband allegedly set her on fire in 2009.

Later, she succumbed to her injuries after being hospitalised for 23 days.

Kahinur’s brother Alam Mia filed a case against Shah Alam in this connection.