How can you prevent winter dehydration?

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21st January, 2020 12:23:41 printer

How can you prevent winter dehydration?

Everybody associates dehydration with summers, when the weather is so excessively hot the body demands water. The unsettling thing is, the human body can get equally dehydrated in the cold winter months.

Here is everything you need to know about winter dehydration:

What is it?

We do not sweat as much in winters, so we assume we are not losing water. But, we are. Dehydrating contributors include decreased humidity in the air and signalling of the brain to the body. Also, with common winter ailments like cold and flu, which tends to lose more body fluids.

How can you beat it?

There are some simple things that you can do to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated. These include:

* Enjoying a warm drink: While an icy cold glass of water can make consumption difficult, you can always choose a warm drink like hot chocolate, herbal tea, or even warm lemon water to keep yourself hydrated and comfortable.

* Eating the water: Seasonal winter fruits and vegetables that have a high water content.