China's President Xi orders to curb new coronavirus spread

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20th January, 2020 08:34:24 printer

China's President Xi orders to curb new coronavirus spread

China's President Xi Jinping on Monday made important instructions that the recent pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection in Wuhan and other places in Hubei must be paid great attention and efforts must be made to prevent and control them.

 The president said at present, during the Spring Festival, there is a large-scale movement of personnel, and it is very important to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

Party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments must put the people's lives and health in the first place, formulate thorough plans, organize all parties to carry out prevention and control, take practical and effective measures, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic, he said. "We must do our best to treat patients, identify the causes of viral infection and transmission as soon as possible, strengthen case surveillance, and standardize the treatment process," he added.

President Xi further mentioned that It is necessary to timely release epidemic information and deepen international cooperation.

It is necessary to strengthen the guidance of public opinion, strengthen the publicity and interpretation of relevant policies and measures, resolutely maintain the stability of the overall situation of the society, and ensure that the masses have a stable and peaceful Spring Festival, he maintained.

The Chinese health department has released relevant information on the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new corona-virus infection. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese side has dealt with it actively in a serious and professional attitude, formulated a strict prevention and control plan, spared no effort in treating patients, managed close contacts, conducted in-depth epidemiological investigations, and released relevant information on epidemic intelligence in a timely manner. Actively promote disease prevention knowledge.

First of all, the new corona-virus gene sequence was shared with WHO, and in a responsible manner, China informed the World Health Organization, relevant national and regional organizations, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas of the epidemic situation information and maintained close communication.

After receiving notifications of related cases from relevant countries, China has paid great attention to maintaining close communication with all parties through dual and multilateral channels, strengthening cooperation and responding with all its strength. If other countries have also found related suspected imported cases, China welcomes the first time to inform China of the situation through official channels to promote joint prevention and control.

China will work together to respond to the epidemic and maintain regional and global health security. At present, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea have notified China of the confirmed cases of new corona-virus infection. China has maintained close communication and cooperation with these countries, and jointly do a good job in the treatment and treatment of patients.

 At present, the local government of Wuhan has adopted measures to control and control personnel leaving China. It is recommended that you check with the competent authority and the relevant local government for specific information.

 After the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new corona-virus infection in Wuhan, the relevant Chinese authorities notified the World Health Organization, relevant countries and regional organizations, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas of the epidemic information in a timely manner, and have also maintained close communication with them.

At the same time, relevant Chinese departments also disclosed information and introduced the situation in time to the epidemic situation. China will work with all parties to respond to the epidemic and maintain regional and global health security.