Art exhibition ‘Unveiling the Truth’ begins at Dwip Gallery

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5th January, 2020 03:51:50 printer

Art exhibition ‘Unveiling the Truth’ begins at Dwip Gallery

‘Unveiling the Truth’, an art exhibition by Kazi Hasan Habib, curated by Mustafa Zaman began at Dwip Gallery in the capital’s Lalmatia  area on Saturday. 

Architect and critic Shamsul Wares, and artist Wakilur Rahman jointly inaugurated the exhibition at 6:00pm yesterday.

In a preface to a 1985 catalogue, Kazi Hasan Habib wrote that the artist’s quest is for unveiling the truth. Years have elapsed after that 2nd solo. The artist’s death in 1988 made it more enticing for anyone interested in art-truth dyad to revisit his thoughts behind what otherwise seems like an unambiguous adage. Add to that the fact that the very idea of truth in our post-truth era needs re-orientation of mind, and perhaps even awareness about some of the frameworks that used to inspire artists in those post-Romanitc age when the garden of delight was still right next the region of ethics. For Hasan Habib, things were much simpler, his romantic craving for both the known and the unknown, as he himself once declared, was part of his attempt to unearth “the deeper truth”.

The exhibition will remain open to all every day from 3:00pm to 9:00pm till January 19. And the exhibition will remain close Mondays.