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Man accidentally blows up car with "Excessive Use" of air freshener

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  • 17th December, 2019 04:26:35 PM
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Man accidentally blows up car with

Smoking is injurious to health. But it can be injurious for the pocket as well if one is not careful.

A UK smoker learnt his lesson the hard way as he blew off his car windscreen and ended up with a damaged vehicle after lighting a cigarette. He was lucky to escape and tell the tale.

Witnesses reported hearing an "enormous bang" on Saturday afternoon as the car's windscreen shattered and nearby buildings shook, Manchester Evening News reported.

The man had sprayed air freshener inside his vehicle, parked on a busy street in Halifax in West Yorkshire, when he thought of having a smoke.

Luckily, he climbed out of the battered car after the explosion with only minor injuries. Windows at nearby businesses were also damaged.

Police said it could have been worse and warned motorists about the dangers of aerosol cans and open flames.

The Fountain Street in the town centre was cordoned off and fire brigade visited the scene.

One Twitter user posted pictures of the incident and wrote: "A car explosion in Halifax Town Centre. What an enormous bang. I was in an adjacent bar. Emergency services on scene in moments. Unbelievably the driver just climbed out. Thankfully there appears to be no injuries."

Another remarked: "And the Darwin award of 2019 goes to... This wazzock who sprayed sh*t in his car, and blew it up!!"