Passengers' most disgusting habits during a flight

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13th December, 2019 04:36:09 printer

Passengers' most disgusting habits during a flight

Bare feet, nail care and beauty routines have been deemed as some of passengers' worst and most disgusting habits, according to a new survey.

A plane cabin already makes for cramped quarters, but there are some grim habits that can ruin other people's journeys - and feet have proven a major factor.

 Broadway Travel surveyed 2,039 Brits to find out what makes them tick, uncovering some of the top gross habits they've witnessed in the process.

The habit deemed the most disgusting?

Putting your feet on the back of the seat in front of you. (In fact, one man was recently pictured causing the sin with his feet on the side of the entertainment screen).

All top three worst habits in the survey were related to feet.

Second place went to passengers who take their shoes and socks off during a flight, while third place went to passengers who go to the toilet barefoot - although one flight attendant previously explained the seriously disgusting reason why you won't want to do this. At all.

Other big no-nos including walking to the toilet in your socks (still not okay), or just generally taking your shoes off (we've all suffered when one passenger with smelly feet does this).