When dad became Ballon d'Or, Messi's son's reaction goes viral

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3rd December, 2019 03:38:19 printer

When dad became Ballon d'Or, Messi's son's reaction goes viral

As Lionel Messi received his sixth Ballon d'Or award on Monday night, his younger son Mateo's adorable reaction showed who his biggest fan really is. As the camera panned to Mateo after Messi was announced the winner of the prestigious award, the four-year-old is seen excitedly bouncing up and down on his seat, his face lit up with glee. He tugs at an older kid sitting next to him, who looks far less interested, but that does nothing to bring down Mateo's excitement.

While Mateo has built up a reputation for trolling his father and brother - he celebrates Real Madrid goals at home to annoy Thiago and while playing football with Messi, he says he is Liverpool as they beat Barcelona - he proved that deep down, he was the happiest for his father.

Messi moved past Cristiano Ronaldo and he now has the greatest number of Ballon d'Or awards in history.

"It is 10 years since I won my first Ballon d'Or here in Paris and I remember coming here with my three brothers, I was 22 and it was all unthinkable for me what I was going through," Messi said on stage after receiving the award from last year's winner Luka Modric.

"I hope I have several years left to keep enjoying my football. I am aware of the age I have and these moments are all the more enjoyable because the moment when I have to retire is getting closer and that is difficult," the Argentine star added.

"All going well I'll have several years left but at the moment time seems to be flying and everything is happening very quickly. I hope to keep enjoying my football, my family, facing my rivals and all of this life that I have," Messi said.

Lionel Messi beat Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk and Cristiano Ronaldo to the award.