Alia Bhatt gives a sneak peek into her fitness regime

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3rd December, 2019 11:32:01 printer

Alia Bhatt gives a sneak peek into her fitness regime


Rocking a magazine cover or a red carpet event doesn’t come easy. And if you follow celebrities on social media, you would know that a lot of hard work goes behind those stunning pictures, reports The Indian Express.

Recently, Alia Bhatt posted a video on her YouTube channel where she recorded her complete fitness regime along with her trainer, Sohrab Khushrushahi.

Her complete list of exercises was:

10 weighted back squats

1 minute of row

10 squats, 5 hostage jumps and again 10 squats

45 seconds of skips

45 seconds of mountain climbers

5 Gorilla hops followed by backward bear crawl

Here are some animal walk-inspired exercise that you can practice:

* Duck walk – Moving in a squat position where you are trying to stay as low as possible the entire duration of the exercise. The exercise is strenuous and can act as a reasonable strength builder. It is helpful for martial art trainers.

* Bunny hops – The higher and further you jump, the more plyometric strength the move will require.

* Crab walks – This is a great beginner exercise to condition your wrists and improve strength in the triceps, hamstring and glutes.

* Chameleon walks – It helps to build strength and stability in the body better than any other animal walk out there. The one arm-one leg aspect of the chameleon walks will develop the body’s movement coordination and also stabilises it.

* Gorilla hops – As the name suggests you have to hop like a gorilla. It helps to strengthen your arm muscles and your glutes.

* Backward bear crawl – It is a cardiovascular and total body exercise that primarily targets the shoulders, but also works the abs, calves, chest, forearms, glutes, groin, hamstrings, hip flexors, lats, middle back, quads and triceps.