5 foods that make your hair oily

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26th November, 2019 12:35:16 printer

5 foods that make your hair oily


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having your hair fall flat and become stringy from oil build-up on a special day or on days you want to feel and look good, reports The Indian Express.

And when we face a situation that greasy, we usually take a shower, pile on the dry shampoo, or put on a ponytail to deal with a bad hair day. However, you didn’t know that a slight change in your diet can go a long way in combating hair that is oily.

Not only that, avoiding these foods can improve your hair health as well as get rid of unwanted grease, making it so you don’t have to hide under a hat or whip out the special shampoo on a regular basis.

Any fried food, especially that is deeply fried or fast food, tends to overload our bodies with oil because of the over-stimulation of oil glands. The oil they produce covers our skin, including the scalp, with extra grease. Not only should you avoid consuming these foods to make your diet more healthy, but also to make your hair look neater.

Therefore, having a fast-food burger in the evening may turn your hair into a sticky mess overnight.


All our childhood we were taught how milk is nothing less than a superfood. But, is it really? As strange as it might sound, milk products can also be blamed for the production of extra sebum. This is because dairy, like milk, butter, and cheese are digested by our bodies as oils and fats, therefore, leaving us with sticky hair and the appearance of facial acne.


Believe it or not but, hormones are our body’s messengers that help us to control almost all the processes happening inside us. That’s why it’s important to keep them in balance. Here, sugar more or less is our enemy because it creates imbalance in our body. That’s why instead of helping, it affects the inflammatory processes in the body and increases blood sugar levels, encouraging glands to produce more oil.

Refined carbohydrates

Remember, in our science lectures, we were taught how our bodies convert carbohydrates to sugar. Did you know that this causes oil glands to overproduce as well, weighing the hair and scalp down with oil? One particular food may not cause your hair to become greasy overnight, but avoiding these foods as much as possible can keep your hair just the right amount of shiny.


Too much of anything is never good. Over consumption of salt leads to swelling, under-eye bags, dandruff, and overall body dehydration. The last bit makes the body produce more oil to fight the lack of water. Again, all this ends up causing sticky and greasy hair, especially in those who are prone to it. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the consumption of crackers, chips, fries and salted nuts because these contain excess salt.