Shower of currency notes from building in Kolkata (Watch)

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21st November, 2019 03:33:48 printer

Shower of currency notes from building in Kolkata (Watch)

There was a shower of crisp currency notes from the sixth floor of a building in Kolkata's central business district on Wednesday afternoon while DRI officials were conducting a search in a private office on that floor.

Bundles of currency notes of denominations of Rs. 2,000, Rs. 500 and Rs. 100 were seen being pushed out of a window in the sixth floor with the help of a broom.

DRI sources told news agency PTI that its officials had gone to the office of a private company engaged in export-import activities located on that floor to conduct search operations for alleged evasion of duty.

"Later reinforcements were also sent," sources said, adding searches were on.

However, it cannot be definitely said that there was a relation between the search operations and the shower of currency notes on the street below, the sources replied when asked.



Source: NDTV