Ryanair baggage fee policy ruled as 'excessive' in Spain

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21st November, 2019 03:19:22 printer

Ryanair baggage fee policy ruled as 'excessive' in Spain


A Spanish court has called budget airline Ryanair's policy of charging a fee for hand luggage "excessive" after a passenger was fined for taking a carry-on bag without a special ticket, reports BBC.

The passenger was forced to pay a €20 (£17) fine to bring her 10kg luggage on board.

Ryanair allows only small bags as hand luggage if they can be stowed beneath the seat in front.

The airline said it would not change its bagging policy.

The passenger was travelling from Madrid to Brussels when she was charged to bring her extra luggage.

The airline has a policy of charging customers an additional fee for carrying anything more than one personal item on board. Larger bags can also require a luggage fee.

In its ruling, the Commercial Court ruled that the woman should be refunded with interest.

It ruled the policy to be null and void and told Ryanair "to remove it" from its terms and conditions.