Jennifer Acruri refuses to deny affair with Boris Johnson

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18th November, 2019 03:28:57 printer

Jennifer Acruri refuses to deny affair with Boris Johnson

American businesswoman Jennifer Acruri has once again refused to deny having an affair with Boris Johnson.

Appearing on today's Good Morning Britain, Ms Acruri said she was "heartbroken" when the Prime Minister "cast her aside".

The Prime Minister cut contact with his old friend after their dealings when he was Mayor of London were put under the spotlight.

While refusing to say if they had an affair, she did admit they had a "special relationship".

This morning she revealed how Johnson had refused to take her calls and help her with advice on how to handle the press during the “scandal”.

When asked if she had an affair with the PM, she said: “I’m not going to answer that question - as you can tell there was a very special relationship.”

She also spoke about how she had attempted to speak with Johnson on the phone ahead of revelations about their relationship, adding: “The kind and respectable thing would be to answer the phone and have a quick call with me.

“Maybe you would have a tip or two before this whole scandal blows up in my face.”

The Sunday Times reported in September that when Johnson was mayor he failed to declare close personal links to Arcuri, who received thousands of pounds in public business funding and places on official trade trips.

Johnson has said everything was done with full propriety and that there was no interest to declare, and a government audit report last month ruled a decision to award a £100,000 grant to a company run by Arcuri was appropriate.


Source: Mirror