Housemaid tortures child, father watches it at office (Video)

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18th November, 2019 01:13:12 printer

Housemaid tortures child, father watches it at office (Video)

A video clip of a housemaid in the capital's Shajahanpur area kicking mercilessly an infant of a working couple in their absence at home has gone viral on social media platforms.

Housemaid Shahida alias Taznara, 45, tortured the 2-year-old child while giving him a shower on last Thursday (November 14).

Father of the child watched the torturing scene live at his office as the incident was recorded by a closed-circuit television CCTV camera, set by him earlier.

On the day, Abdullah Abtai Ayat, son of Md Al Amin Sarkar and Lutfun Nahar, was kept at home under the supervision of housemaid Shahida like other days as the parents went to their respective offices.

Md Al Amin Sarkar works as engineer in a private company in the capital while his wife Lutfun Nahar is an upazila education officer.

The couple gave the charge of their beloved son to housemaid Shahida as they attend their respective working place regularly.

Al Amin Sarkar recently noticed the torturing marks on the body of little Ayat. Therefore, he set up CCTV cameras in his home sensing that something was going wrong with his son.

On Thursday, he discovered the true fact as he monitored the CCTV cameras with the help of his android phone while performing his duties at the office.

In the 49-second video clip, Shahida was spotted giving Ayat a shower. At one stage, she knocked the child down on the floor and kicked him randomly.



Later on Friday, Ayat’s father filed a case against housemaid Shahida with Shajahanpur Police Station under the Women and The Children Act, 2013.

Police arrested Shahida following the filing of the case.