BBIN chamber launched


16th November, 2019 06:34:38 printer

BBIN chamber launched

BBIN (Bangladesh Bhutan India Nepal) Chamber of Commerce has been launched recently aiming at fostering connection among the partnered countries.

The new multi-country chamber was formed at a programme at the Press Club, New Delhi, said a press release on Saturday.

President of the Indian Economic Trade Organisation (IETO) Asif Iqbal said the purpose of this chamber is to foster the participation of and dialogue between various stakeholders, including governments, civil society organisation, educational institutions and academic communities of these countries, according to IETO.

“Our task is to promote sustainable policies for regional strategic trade and commerce initiatives with India and Bangladesh spearheading this organisation so as to create awareness of various opportunities available in all business areas, motivate commitment at the highest level for their solutions, and thus promote better management of strategic collaborative ideas at national and international levels,” Asif explained.

This was revealed by the representatives of the organisation that the organisation’s prime focus is to develop trade and commerce.

The BBIN chamber will be celebrating Mujib Day in memory of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheik MujiburRahman in 2020 in six cities of India namely Bangalore, Kolkata, Agartala, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad with the active participation of businessmen and CEO’s of Bangladesh and India under one roof.