Cyclone Bulbul causes Tk 21 lakh livestock loss in Khulna


16th November, 2019 04:04:05 printer

Cyclone Bulbul causes Tk 21 lakh livestock loss in Khulna

Livestock, farms and feeds worth more than Taka 20.99 lakh were destroyed in the devastating cyclonic ‘Bulbul’ which pummeled coastal area in Khulna on November 10, according to the final estimate compiled by the Department of Livestock Services of the district.

The damage is seen as devastating for individual farmers, but experts said the overall impact of livestock losses in the district’s economy would be limited.

According to the final estimate of District Livestock Office, Bulbul led to the affected of 11,35,393 cattle, buffalos, goats, sheep, ducks and also death of 1,806 cattle and 5,58,814 poultry birds along with the destruction of over 69 livestock and poultry farms.

A total of 15 tonnes forages worth Taka 70,000 and 30 tonnes of straws worth Taka 4, 20,000 were destroyed during the cyclonic storm bulbul hit in the coastal area of the district, they said.

The cyclone also caused losses of feeds for both livestock and poultry, said District Livestock Officer SM Awal Hoque.

“We have recently submitted our findings on losses and have recommended measures to improve the situation in the Bulbul affected areas,” he said.

“The department had recommended the government to help farmers for getting interest free bank loans,” the livestock officer said, adding that the government has already taken steps to give free feed and fodder seeds, free vaccination and treatment to livestock.

He said the losses of livestock, especially cattle, would affect paddy farming in the region next season as cattle are used to pull ploughs.

“But overall there will be a little appreciable effect in the context of the national economy,” he said.

A rehabilitation programme should be taken to minimise the negative effect, he added.

Awal said farmers who had reared livestock by taking loans from micro-credit institutions were now under great pressure, as they could not pay back their loans.

“Unless the government and related organisations come forward torehabilitate the livestock rearing farmers they will not be able to cope with the situation,” he further said.

“Farmers who have lost their livestock should be provided with calves,” he added.