Buy a book, get a piece of onion free!

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15th November, 2019 06:44:45 printer

Buy a book, get a piece of onion free!

Amid the skyrocketing price hike of onions, a former student of Dhaka University has taken a different way to protest the price hike of the key cooking ingredient of Bengalis.

Sajjadul Islam, who is currently involved in publication business, offered a piece of onion free of cost if anyone buys a book from him.

He came up with the announcement through a Facebook post on Thursday.

In the status, Sajjad wrote: “From Volga to Ganga, price only Tk 200. A big onion is free with the book….I will give a piece of onions free with every book. It’s a token protest from Mishopa against skyrocketing price of onions.”

He also wrote: “The offer (Buy one book, get a piece of onion free) is going on. Buy book, win onion. Only Mishopa stands beside you by offering onion in this crisis period.”

The price of Onions skyrocketed to Tk 250 per kg in the domestic market on Friday, breaking all the previous records and triggering outrage among consumers.

Prices of local onion has increased by 340 per cent and the price of imported onion jumped by 416.67 per cent compared to the same time last year, according to Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) data.