Boy battles 14-foot-long crocodile to save sister from its jaws

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15th November, 2019 05:22:26 printer

Boy battles 14-foot-long crocodile to save sister from its jaws

A 15-year-old boy has been hailed as a hero for his bravery. Without panicking in a dangerous situation and with his quick-actions, the boy fought with a crocodile to save his younger sister’s life.

12-year-old Haina Lisa Jose Habi was crossing over a creek in Palawan, Philippines, with her brother Hashim when the incident happened, reports Daily Mail. When they were near the shore, a crocodile leapt up and caught Habi by her leg. Her screams alerted her brother who acted quickly and started throwing rocks at the reptile. Then he yanked away his sister from the animal’s jaw.

Though Habi suffered a deep cut on her leg, she is now fine and out of danger. As for young Hashim, he is now being praised for his courageousness.

“The crocodile was bigger than me. I was so scared. I panicked and cried. I saw its teeth and inside its mouth,” Habi told Daily Mail. “I screamed and Hashim helped me. He threw rocks at the crocodile and pulled me away from it. I love him so much. He saved my life,” she added.

As for Hashim, he said that he crossed the bridge first and realised his sister was not behind him. Initially, he thought she had fallen down but soon realised the matter was ar graver when he spotted the head of the reptile.

“The crocodile is a threat to residents,” told Lieutenant Colonel Socrates Faltado, the officer handling the case. “The young girl was lucky to escape thanks to the bravery of her older brother,” he added. He further asked the residents to be careful until the animal is captured and relocated.