‘Unicorn’ dog with extra tail on its head (watch)

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14th November, 2019 09:24:01 printer

‘Unicorn’ dog with extra tail on its head (watch)

Narwhal, a dog, is the Internet’s latest sensation. This four-legged creature has become social media’s topic of chatter because of being a little different from the other pooches. What makes him different is his extra tail - which has also earned him the title of ‘unicorn’ pup.

Narwhal has two tails, one of which is growing out of the middle of his forehead.

This little pup captured people’s attention after his video was shared by Mac’s Mission - an NGO which recues and takes care of animals with special needs. The dog was rescued over the weekend and sent to the NGO.

Though Narwhal’s special feature is being termed as a tail, it’s an appendage growing from his forehead. Rochelle Steffen, founder of Mac Mission told that the dog doesn’t notice his extra tail. Besides this additional growth, he is a healthy puppy and a happy one too.

The video and later images shared on different social media platforms wowed people. They couldn’t stop commenting about how adorable the ‘unicorn’ puppy looks. A few even came up with their own version of Narwhal’s name.

“That’s a magical little pup! He put a smile on my face, when all I want to do today is frown. Thanks Narwhal!’ wrote a Facebook user. “Narwhal is one of the most precious pups you have rescued/saved. I Iove watching him enjoy being a pup. He warms my heart and puts a smile on my face every time I see him. I love you guys!!” commented another. “Narwhal you are such an inspiration and such a cutie. He is a unicorn pup,” wrote a third.