Turna’s loco masters fall asleep pressing on auto-braking by brick!

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13th November, 2019 02:59:48 printer

Turna’s loco masters fall asleep pressing on auto-braking by brick!

Assistant loco master Apu Dey of Turna-Nishitha Express claimed that the deadly train crash between Turna-Nishitha and Udayan Express took place as he did not see the outer signal or first signal in the middle of Cumilla and Akhaura stations.

The country witnessed a fatal train accident in Brahmanbaria early Tuesday (November 12) that left at least 16 people dead and over 100 others injured.

After visiting the accident spot, high officials of the Bangladesh Railways observed that the crash took place as the loco masters Taher and his assistant Apu Dey were asleep after keeping the auto-braking system or pedal of the locomotive pressed on by brick.

Quoting Apu Dey, Banglanews24.com said, “There are four signals before entering a station or cross line. The signals are outer or first signal, home, starter and emerging signal. But we could not see the outer signal before entering the station. Then we saw the home signal. But, we thought that it was first signal.”

“It is strongly prohibited to enter a station after seeing second signal or home signal. We pressed the brake thinking it was the first signal but in the meantime the engine of the Turna crossed starter signal and hit several bogies of the Udayan Express further crossing the emerging signal.”

But the railway officials said that if they would apply brake after watching home signal, the accident would not have been taken place. Certainly, they were sleeping. Now, they are blaming signals to avoid their responsibilities.

Casualties in train accidents appeared to be a common phenomenon in the country allegedly for lack of proper maintenance by the authorities and negligence.