Lucky Akhand’s unpublished melody ‘Phool Photabo’ released

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12th November, 2019 09:51:17 printer

Lucky Akhand’s unpublished melody ‘Phool Photabo’ released

‘Phool Photabo’, the song tuned by the legendary composer, music director and singer Lucky Akhand has finally been released.

After 18 years of remaining unpublished, this beautiful piece of track was released on September 27 along with a wonderful music video.

Sabbir and Nasha, two promising artists of this generation, lent their voice to the song.

Lucky Akhand tuned the lyrics written by Ghulam Murshed long ago but was remained unsung. However, recently noted music director Foad Nasser Babu composed the music on Lucky Akhand’s tune.

In an exclusive interview, lyricist Ghulam Murshed said, “The lyrics of the song had remained in a box for a long time. Finally, I handed it over to two artistes -Sabbir and Nasha. After listening to the song, I became so emotional about them. Both of them sang very well. Foad Nasser Babu’s composition has been as good as ever.”

Foad Nasser Babu, the music comoser of the song ‘Phool Photabo’ said, “When Golam Murshed vai spoke about the unreleased track of Lucky Bhai, I immediately agreed. Sabbir and Nasha voiced to the song. I never imagined that they would present the song this way! I really love it!”

The singer Sabbir Nasir became very emotional to be a part of the honour.

The music video of the song ‘Phool Photabo’ has already garnered a huge response from the audience. The music video posted on Sabbir Nasir’s official Facebook page and already has earned 3.1 million views and is increasing every day, which proves that the song has undoubtedly touched the souls of the audience.