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How the best quality of milk reaches to the market?

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  • 12th November, 2019 06:08:43 PM
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Milk is an ideal food for the body and mind. This is an essential ingredient that helps in brain and growth development of toddlers  with other benefits ranging from preventing diseases, boosting energy, reducing stress, strengthening teeth, strengthening bones and muscle formation, and even losing weight. But milk can only be considered as nutritious food only when its quality is assured.

The milk sold in markets, goes through several stages of processing after it has been collected from farms. There is a good chance of the quality of milk being compromised during those steps. To ensure the best quality of milk, there are some variables that need to be controlled. The variables entail how cows are being raised and cared for, the nature of relationship of the brand with dairy farmers, the quality control process, etc.

Akij Food and Beverages Limited strictly controls the quality of milk at every step of processing and distribution, from the farm to the market, to ensure the best quality of milk. Akij have been relentlessly working with dairy farmers to not only deliver better quality products to the consumers, but also to promote the production of good quality milk to dairy farmers. Dairy farms of the country provide a wide variety of benefits to farmers, including proper guidance for raising cows, providing low-cost cattle feed, medical treatment and long-term loan without interest

‘Farm Fresh’ the dairy brand of AFBL, ensures quality through microbiological and adulteration tests carried out in its own laboratory. After cooling the collected milk at its own sophisticated chilling center, it is transported to its factory at a controlled temperature in tankers. It is then received at the factory after going through another quality test. The milk is marketed in a three-tier pack that is processed by a Swedish machine in the most sophisticated manner. The temperature of the pasteurized milk packets are kept at 4 degrees or below while transporting it to every store for distribution purposes. Instructions are also given on the proper method of storing milk packets to ensure the best quality of milk. Farm Fresh has customer care management and social media management to help consumers get the best idea about their product, after it has reached them.

A new campaign by 'Farm Fresh'  is not just giving consumers an idea of the processing procedure, rather, it claims that Farm Fresh Pasteurized Liquid Milk is the best in the market as it processes and distributes packaged milk within the same day.

It is very important to properly understand these factors about the company whose products are being consumed regularly. Dairy companies also need to maintain transparency in this regard and take appropriate measures to inform consumers. Therefore, it is best to choose a brand that hesitates to give consumers adulterated milk and fully assures the purity and the best quality of milk. With the promise of the best quality of milk, Farm Fresh has launched a new campaign titled, “Khamar theke glass e din e din ei ashe” to allow customers to gain detailed insights into the processing of pasteurized milk.