Katrina Kaif gives three tips to get a flat belly

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12th November, 2019 01:06:25 printer

Katrina Kaif gives three tips to get a flat belly


The charming bollywood actress Katrina Kaif who effortlessly looks gorgeous in every outfit she wears gives us strong fitness goals.

From rigorous choreographies to her tough gym routines, Katrina invests much of her time performing arduous activities which in turn boost her stamina, reports Hindustan Times.

In an interview to GQ, she said, “I love training. Without it, I’m not the best that I can be. I try to work out six days a week, for at least 45 minutes. I enjoy taking care of my body.”

For us following such a routine is next to impossible. More often that, most of us wonder if it is possible to not put in much effort and still manage to have a flat belly and of course, those abs.

If your answer too is yes then, behold, as Katrina reveals the secret behind her fitness and her dewy and flawless skin.

“My staple rule, which I follow 95% of the time, is no gluten, no refined sugars, no dairy,” she told GQ. So, it is obvious that Kat doesn’t binge on junk food mindlessly, no matter what delicacies are on offer.

When asked if she includes carbs in her diet she said, “Carbs are fine – nothing wrong with them!” Katrina doesn’t believe in breaking rules, especially when it comes to her diet.

So, if you want your abs to be like Katrina’s, you will have to part ways with your comfort food and ditch those midnight meals.