Michael Vaughan impressed with toddler's perfect cricket shots

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11th November, 2019 05:25:32 printer

Michael Vaughan impressed with toddler's perfect cricket shots

Michael Vaughan took to Twitter to share a video of a child, donning a t-shirt, diapers and a pair of gloves, playing some sumptuous drives. In the video, you can see the kid doing some indoor practice, take guard in a room.

 He then goes on to play some fine-looking drives off the front foot as the ball is thrown at him. The child displays good technique, getting his front foot forward and then meeting the ball with the full face of the bat, playing some great lofted straight drives.

"Surely he has an English cat or dog..." Vaughan wrote while tweeting the video.

While some fans heaped praise on the kid, others asked in jest for more testing deliveries for the young batsman.

"Proper cricket style," one user tweeted.

"Wow, he has the eye and reflexes of Steve Smith!" another fan wrote.

"Tendulkar re-incarnate," another fan tweeted.

Other fans wanted to see how the youngster would fare if faced with some bouncers.

"He needs to be bounced get him back in his creese a bit, too cocky lol," a user tweeted.

"Give him a bouncer," wrote a fan, to which another came up with a hilarious response: "Only batsman who could duck a bouncer and get bowled!"

Of course, fans did not give up the opportunity to have a go at the former England captain.

"He looks to have better technique than u Michael what u say?" a fan tweeted.

"Are those the same brand of nappies you wore when you were facing Brett Lee?" another user tweeted.

Michael Vaughan responded to the jibe, tweeting: "Absolutely .. mine were bigger .. although I did manage 3 Tons in 8 Tests against him."