Apu Biswas criticised for calling Assamis as ‘Bangladeshi Bangali’ (Video)

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10th November, 2019 07:12:44 printer

Apu Biswas criticised for calling Assamis as ‘Bangladeshi Bangali’ (Video)

A video of popular film actress Apu Biswas went viral on social media platform where she was seen mentioning people of Indian Assam state as ‘Bangladeshi Bangali’.

Apu Biswas made the comment in a programme, held in Assam but exact date of the event could not be known.

People took to social media to express their feedback and criticised the film actress for her ‘foolish comment’.

In the video, Apu was seen saying: “I am a daughter from Bangladesh. But all of you, who attended the programme, are also born in Bangladesh… Am I right? When we visit abroad we tell everybody that we are Bangali. I want to say same thing in Assam today, we all are Bangladeshi Bangali. Is not it?

In response, everybody said no, no.

After getting such negative response, Apu said, “I know you all are from Assam. But if you search, you will find that your grandfather, grandmother or someone else may have come from Bangladesh.” 

The omission of a large number of Bangla-speaking Hindus and Muslims from the final NRC list in BJP-ruled Assam seems to have lost their citizenship.

Some people have reportedly committed suicide in the state after failing to procure old documents or after falling ill while standing in queues at different government offices to get their documents

In this circumstance, the comment of Apu Biswas, the ex-wife of actor Shakib Khan, has created impact over the issue, netizens opined.