Rakesh Roshan opens up about his cancer treatment

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10th November, 2019 05:08:16 printer

Rakesh Roshan opens up about his cancer treatment


Bollywood actor Rakesh Roshan is a cancer survivor and the actor-director has now revealed the bravery that he and his family showed in the time of crisis.

The Koi Mil Gaya director was diagnosed with cancer in late 2018 and underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy in 2019, reports The Indian Express.

In an interview with Spotboye, Roshan revealed, “It all began with a blister which refused to go despite using several applications of prescriptions from my family doctor. It was a small one – no pain, no itching.”

After undergoing biopsy, Rakesh Rohan was given his diagnosis but this did not break his spirit. “I even had a December 31 party with my friends. None of them was told about my cancer,” he shared. The actor-director added, “I got a bit scared when I was told that my tongue may have to undergo a cut and do some grafting. I said ‘I don’t want to do all this.'”

His son Hrithik Roshan shared a memorable post on Instagram at the time where he wrote, “He is probably the strongest man I know. Got diagnosed with early stage squamous cell carcinoma of the throat a few weeks ago, but he is in full spirits today as he proceeds to battle it. As a family we are fortunate and blessed to have a leader like him.” This was the day when Roshan Sr was to undergo his surgery.

Rakesh Roshan showed courage at the time and continues to live his life by the same mantra. “Well, I have had my share of hardships, In fact, we all in my family have undergone health issues. My wife was unwell in between. My father-in-law was indisposed. Sunaina had cancer, Hrithik underwent brain surgery.”

Rakesh Roshan’s next directorial Krrish 4 has been in the works for a while but due to his health crisis, the project was pushed a bit. “I had resumed work as soon as I told you, but I wasn’t working at the script level. I am analysing it again, making a few changes here and there. Yes, Krrish 4 will be my next directorial,” he declares.