The ‘untouchable’ laptops of Khulna primary schools


7th November, 2019 06:27:09 printer

The ‘untouchable’ laptops of Khulna primary schools

Government primary schools in the district have been provided with laptops and projectors, and teachers have been trained to use them. But many among the teachers are not interested in using them lest the equipment get damaged.

There are 1,159 government primary schools in Khulna district. Information and communication technology has recently been added to their curricula to help the students get familiar with the subject. The schools were provided with laptops and projectors to facilitate hands-on teaching.

The training on ICT for teachers began in the 2011-12 financial year and was provided until June of 2018-19.

Since the beginning, 1,510 teachers have been trained in 65 batches on the use of information and technology by Primary Teachers Training Institute (PTI) in Khulna.

Two teachers from each school will receive the ICT training. So far, training of 65 percent teachers in Khulna has been completed.

But the training is not coming to any use at most schools. Many headmasters do not let anyone use the laptops and projectors fearing that they will be damaged. Many trained teachers are also reluctant to teach students, it has emerged.

Students said classes on information and communication technology are not held regularly. They said they have to see whatever the teachers say or show in class and that there is no opportunity to use anything.

BM Shafiur Rahman, an assistant teacher at Mehman-e-Alia Government Primary School, said they have to regularly take two ICT classes. “There’s no option to skip classes because we’ve to mention it in report, too,” he explained.

Superintendent of Khulna’s PTI, Swapan Kumar Biswas, said the teachers are trained on ICT but their expertise is not properly put into use.

 “On one hand, the headmasters are reluctant to let anyone use the laptops or projectors fearing they may be damaged, many trained teachers are reluctant to take classes,” he said.

Biswas said all the teachers will gradually be trained and the schools will be instructed to use the machines.

Khulna Primary Education Officer ASM Sirajuddoha said the schools were instructed to use laptops and projectors during class.

“The machines will be repaired if they’re damaged,” he assured.