Beware, these everyday habits can cause early wrinkles

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31st October, 2019 12:50:35 printer

Beware, these everyday habits can cause early wrinkles


Wrinkles are a product of aging. There is nothing wrong with having those beautiful age lines on your face, provided they happen naturally. Sometimes, we don’t realise that our everyday habits are causing us to age faster than we thought; we get wrinkles way earlier than we should. Which is why it is important to understand if we are unknowingly doing some things that are a big no-no for the health of the skin, reports The Indian Express.

Not wearing sunnies, and then squinting

If you forget your shades at home, you are doing a big beauty blunder. When you squint at the sun, or even look at your phone/television screen, you cause the muscles on your face — especially between your brows — to contract. This leads to creasing of the skin near the area, resulting in wrinkles. If you keep doing this for a prolonged period, then instead of relaxing, the lines will get deeper and more permanent.

Not getting enough sleep

Ever heard of the term ‘beauty sleep’? Yes, it is real. When you are sleeping, just like the rest of the body, your skin also gets to rest. It repairs and renews itself. By depriving yourself of adequate hours of sleep, you are doing a great disservice to the skin. This, in turn, can affect the complexion, and other features.

Exposing your skin to pollution

This is a sure-shot way to harm your skin. If you are exposing yourself to smog, fumes, dust and smoke daily — and then not doing anything about cleansing/revitalising your skin, the effects will be scarily apparent. But, detoxing your skin can give you some relief, say experts. Keep your face and neck region clean.

Consuming too much sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, this could be challenging. But skin specialists warn against consuming too much sugar as these cause harmful compounds to form in the bloodstream. This could damage the collagen — structural protein found in skin and tissues — and cause the skin to sag and get wrinkly.

Having a text-neck

Staring down too hard at your mobile devices could cause your neck to crinkle. This could cause hard lines over a period of time. Take some time off, do some neck exercises. This will not only help alleviate the tension in the area, but also improve your posture.