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Daily Sun: A Shining Star on Earth

Md. Anisur Rahman

25th October, 2019 03:47:38 printer

Daily Sun: A Shining Star on Earth

Md. Anisur Rahman

The daily sun, an English language newspaper published from Dhaka, Bangladesh, started its journey on 24th October in 2010 with a view creating a society free from iniquity and injustice. The newspaper is owned by East West Media Group Limited (EWMGL), a subsidiary of Bashundhara group.

In the history of newspaper in Bangladesh, the daily sun is an epoch making newspaper in publishing simplified and classified news for people of all walks of life. I have used two terms: ‘simplified' and ‘classified'’. We, the human beings, can understand the language which is simplified both syntactically and semantically. Simplicity of a language makes a communication successful. Presently, newspaper is a strong means of communication with the people of the country as well as the world. In this regard, the Daily Sun is a successful means of communication as unlike other dailies; the daily avoids using bombastic and complicated dictions that make readers of English daily discouraged to read English dailies. That's why it is seen that people in general are more enthusiastic reading the Daily Sun than other English dailies.

Again, human brain can retain data and information which are well-ordered and well-arranged. Scattered information creates a kind of discomfort to the readers. The daily sun is very much cautious about this fact and it publishes news and views in a classified way that is not found in other newspapers in the country whether it is a Bangla or English daily. Let’s see how Daily Sun publishes classified news.  


Every day the leading news of the day is published in the front and the back pages. Besides publishing leading news of the day, the Daily Sun publishes the following pages regularly in a well-classified way:

The page ‘sun metropolis’ contains cultural, political and economic news and views from metropolitan cities. There are 42 large and small cities in Bangladesh. Among them, eight cities are called metropolitans: Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barishal, Sylhet, Gazipur and Rangpur. Dwellers of these cities can find their news and views reading the page ‘sun metropolis’.

As Bangladesh is a South Asian country, activities of Asian countries influence the country greatly. Keeping this in mind, the Daily Sun publishes political, economic, cultural scientific and technological news of the Asian countries in the page ‘sun asia’. However, as a good citizen, it is not sufficient to know about Asia only. We must have knowledge about contemporary world. That’s why incidents happening across the world are published in the page ‘sun world’.

Besides, the page ‘editorial’ published everyday is a great source of current analytical knowledge of different scholars of home and abroad.

In every sort of games and sports, there are basically two types of groups: winner group and defeated group. And the winner group is always awarded, praised and remembered everywhere. For this, the Daily Sun appropriately chose an extraordinary name of its sports page as ‘sun winner’ in accordance with the result of sports. In this sense, the name bears a great significance.

The name of cultural page is ‘sun culturetainment’. The word ‘culturetainment’ is the combination of ‘culture’ and ‘entertainment’. The name is an extraordinary creation of the Daily Sun as the page provides information about cultural activities of the country as well as the whole world.

Along with the regular pages, the daily sun publishes a specialised page everyday. Saturday and Wednesday are exceptional days for those who like reading analytical write-up on the contemporary or recent economic, political, national and international issues as the daily publishes the page ‘post-logue’ along with the regular page ‘editorial’ on Saturday and Wednesday. Writers on contemporary issues are always requested to submit their writings to [email protected]

Different sorts of co-curricular activities such as cultural functions, debating competition, science fair, science club activities, language club activities, seminar, symposium are held in different educational institutions across the country. On every Sunday, the daily sun publishes news, views, comments, letters, articles through the page ‘campus’ about the current events held in the different campuses of schools, colleges or universities. For this, Sunday is very much expected to teachers and students. Besides, the daily sun provides ample scopes to the people of other professions to express what they think about the different occurrences happing everywhere everyday. The page ‘your opinion’ consists of that sort of opinions coming from the people. The page is also published on Sunday. In this way, we can gather knowledge about other people’s thoughts and concepts on different political, cultural, economic, national and international issues.  If you want, you can send your opinion to [email protected] as daily sun always appreciates contribution.

The page ‘sci-tech’ is published on Monday. The word ‘sci-tech’ is the combination of ‘science’ and ‘technology’. This is an age of science and technology. Without these locomotive powers, people on the earth cannot pass a single moment as they are fully dependent on them. The daily sun always appreciates its readers to send their news, comments and articles on those issues to [email protected]

Do you love tours and travels? Do you love exploration? Do you want to get all update information about different tourist spots and archaeological sites? Then Tuesday is special for you as the page ‘tours & travels’ is published on the day. Generally the page is published once in two weeks. Information about fascinating tourist destinations can be gathered reading regular publication of this page. Besides, tourists can share their tour and travel related experience by sending their travel related features and photos to [email protected] Tuesday is also a good day for human rights activists since the page ‘sun human rights’ published once in two weeks bears news, comments and articles written on human rights. The conscious people of the country are requested to send their human rights related write-up to [email protected]

We all know that education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can prosper without being properly educated. The more a nation is educated, the more it can achieve success and prosperity. The Daily Sun never forgets it. Keeping this in mind, the daily publishes the page ‘sun education’ on every Thursday. Any article written on education can be sent to [email protected]

Bangladesh is a country with multi-religious people. Though the majority of the people are Muslims, all people live here with peace and harmony. So, Friday is special day for all religious people of the country as it publishes the page ‘our faith’ covering articles from different perspective of different religious scriptures. The religious people can send their article to [email protected]

For the expansion of trade and commerce across the country, the Daily Sun brings out four pages of business related news in the page ‘business & economy’. Total view of the country’s economy is seen through these pages published everyday.

From the information discussed above, it can easily be said that the Daily Sun is enlightening the writers, teachers, students, businessmen, scientists, researchers, inventors, players and athletes,   tourists and travellers as well as religious people. For these reasons, the Daily Sun is called a shining star on earth. It is enlightening the heart of every individual, the core of every sector, the deep of every institution. It is removing the darkness of mind and all types of anarchies and disorders. It always remains busy to build a society free from all sorts of discriminations.

The daily sun also brings out three weekly magazines: ‘morning tea’; ‘GROOVE’; ‘the hood’.  The magazine ‘morning tea’ is brought out on every Friday with the jingle ‘wake up with daily sun’ as it is the public holiday to almost all sections of people in the country. It appreciates its readers for contribution by sending articles on social issues, political issues, short stories, humour articles, photo feature, art, science, health, real life stories to [email protected] The magazine ‘GROOVE’ is published on every Monday with the slogan ‘FASHION, FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT’. Readers can send their articles to [email protected] Every Thursday, the magazine ‘the hood’ is published with new features, fun fact, new gadget and many more. If you want, you can share your writing to [email protected] 

As an ordinary readers of this daily, we are always indebted to all of them. May the Daily Sun fulfil all the expectations of the readers in this new publication year. We wish to see the Daily Sun to the pinnacle of success.


The writer is an Assistant Professor

of English & former Head of the

Department, Principal Kazi Faruky

College, Lakshmipur

Email: [email protected]