Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Joy urges guardians to allow children to make their career plan

Joy urges guardians to allow children to make their career plan

Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy  called upon the guardians to allow their children to make their own career plan so that they can learn to stand on their own feet.

“I urge the guardians to let their children stand on their own feet, you don’t need to get everything done for them,” he said while addressing an interactive event titled “Young Bangla with Sajeeb Wazed” at a city hotel.

Joy said that there were cases where a youth of 25-26 year even does not know how to open a bank account which was very regretting and added “Let (youths) them make mistakes. Let them (youths) learn from their own mistakes”.

“Simultaneously I would like to tell the youths — listen to your parents, but don’t do everything what they tell you to do,” the premier’s adviser said.

Leading youth platform Young Bangla under Centre for Research and Information (CRI) arranged the function, moderated by Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Barrister Shah Ali Farhad.

CRI Coordinator Tonmoy Ahmed and Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017 winner Jahir Iqbal Nannu also attended the function.

As many as 250 youths associated with Young Bangla, the country’s largest youth network, joined the event and many took up this opportunity to raise a host of issues before him.

“Today I am very proud that our youths are engaging themselves in entrepreneurships and social works not depending on the government,” Joy said.

With a pledge to scale up and promote the potentials of the youths, Joy extolled the youths for their initiatives to help the government change the course of national progress.

Joy called upon the young generation to be entrepreneurs to engage themselves in self-employment without searching for government jobs.

Awami League government, he said, is encouraging youths in self-employment by imparting vocational training and information and communication technology.

Joy said the government has taken multifaceted steps for creating employment opportunities for the youths and encouraging them in self-employment.

“You (youths) should do something by your own initiatives. You can be entrepreneurs, freelancers and others to be self-employed,” he said.

Joy said: “We have traditional mindset that we will go to university, attain a degree and then get a job, will do job for entire life and then will go on retirement with pensions. We should change this mindset.”

“I think it is a selfish thought that I will lead a life doing a job from 9am to 5pm and staying well with family,” he said.

He said if the youths engage themselves in entrepreneurships, they can create employments for others and thus boost up the economy.